CO-K05 42mm Tripod System Kit (Hunter / PRS)

CO-K05 42mm Tripod System Kit (Hunter / PRS)


Gen 2 Improvements:

  • FDE Annodizing & Cerakote
  • Updated Ferrules and Internal Hardware (to reduce weight and maintain reliability)
  • Updated Locking Collars (to reduce chances of binding with hard use)
  • Updated Riser with adjustable tension that supports both ARCA and Pic Rails (no more having to choose!)


Kit includes:

  • 42mm Tripod (CO-002)
  • 42mm Riser with Combination Arca/Pic Rail Quick Clamp


This kit was designed for the shooter on the move. Weighing in at 6.5lbs, you get all the benefits of our 42mm legs and the flexibility of a Pic Rail riser.


Great for hunting or PRS style matches when you need light weight and the functions of a ball head without the added benefits from our support system.


For a long time, we have been driven to create something revolutionary. Our Tripod System is the result of not copying but innovating from grounds up. It looks, operates, and consists of materials that are not the result of cost cutting but those that are the finest available. It operates smoothly even with the heaviest and most expensive gear setup. Imagine all day shooting or watching with a super heavy rifle and spotting scope without getting tired and the flexibility to go from standing, kneeling, sitting to prone.


The CruxOrd Tripod System provides ultra-smooth movement and stable support for even the longest shots. Our tripods are capable of supporting up to 70 lbs of equipment and features an Picatinny cradle attachment. Separate locking and adjustment mechanisms allow friction adjustment without instability. Rifle and spotting scope positions can be adjusted smoothly with one hand and a balanced position maintained without tightening.


The Support System is made of hard anodized, scratch-resistant 6061 aluminum alloy and CNC precision machined parts in the USA. Maintenance free, designed with weather-sealed ball bearings, enables the head’s smooth movements. The Support System also features over-sized knobs for ease of operation.

Support System Features and Specifications:

  • Smooth panning and tight locking mechanism (separate from assembly mounts)
  • Hard anodized scratch resistant finish
  • Sealed Maintenance Free Ball Bearings
  • CNC Precision machined parts
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Width: 2.25 inches
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Load Capacity: 70 lbs
  • Mount Thread: 3/8" - 16


The CruxOrd tripod is a 3-section, 58 inch tall Carbon Fiber Tripod with 42mm diameter top section features high strength carbon fiber and our custom machined aluminum apex.


Conservatively rated to hold over 70 pounds and weighs approximately 6 lbs, max height is 58 inches tall and collapses to a mere 26 inches. The unique truss construction apex features multiple 1/4-20 holes and anti-rotation pin slots for various accessories. The legs have 3 locking angle positions, 22.5 degree, 50 degree and 78 degree to adjust to any shooting situation. The apex also features an interchangeable flat plate / bowl mount. Our optional CO 75mm bowl accessory pops in and out easily and allows effortless finite bubble level adjustments.

Tripod features include:


  • 10x (10 layer) Carbon Fiber Tubing
  • 42mm top section diameter
  • 1/4-20 threaded holes on leg tops and apex for additional accessories
  • Spring Loaded Apex Safety Mechanism (prevents accidental mounting plate release)
  • Easy Leg lock access from front and back
  • Anti Slip Molded Feet with integrated Hardened Stainless Steel Spikes ($75.00 value)