CO-012 Tripod Riser w/ Combination Pic & Arca Rail Mount

CO-012 Tripod Riser w/ Combination Pic & Arca Rail Mount



The clamp securely holds on to your gun/rifle.  Mounted via both Arca and Pic/Nato rail to the Support System. **Includes riser**.


The CruxOrd Tripod System provides ultra-smooth movement and stable support for even the longest shots.Separate locking and adjustment mechanisms allow friction adjustment without instability. Rifle and spotting scope positions can be adjusted smoothly with one hand and a balanced position maintained without tightening.


The Clamp as well as other parts are made of hard anodized, scratch-resistant 6061 aluminum alloy and CNC precision machined parts in the USA. Features over-sized knobs for ease of operation.


Clamp Features and Specifications:

  • Rubberized knobs for ease of adjustment
  • Capable of supporting up to 75 lbs of equipment
  • Picatinny cradle attachment. 
  • Hard anodized scratch resistant finish
  • Rubber pads will securely hold the gun without scratching it
  • CNC Precision machined parts
  • 5-year warranty